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Alaska Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan & Freight Plan

Alaska Moves 2050


Each of us rely on a network of transportation options every day, whether we walk, fly, take a ferry, ride a bicycle, ride the bus, or drive. How will Alaskans get around in 2050? What will need to be done between now and then to ensure people and goods can travel safely and freely throughout the state? Alaska’s Long-Range Transportation Plan and Freight Plan (LRTP/FP) takes a comprehensive approach to clearly map out our future transportation goals and priorities. The LRTP/FP will include a long-range vision, policies, and implementation actions that will guide Alaska’s transportation system for the next 25 years.

The LRTP/FP will provide future direction for Alaska’s highways, aviation, transit, rail, marine, bicycle, and non-motorized transportation. The LRTP/FP also guides regional and area planning processes, which identify and prioritize regional solutions and resources required to implement them. This long-range plan will identify transportation needs, policy issues, and statewide investment priorities through 2050.The LRTP/FP will comprehensively analyze Alaska’s major freight transportation modes, including trucks, air, water, rail, and pipeline. Special attention will be paid to the critical role Alaska’s freight system plays in the economy.

Planning and Designing for Alaska and Alaskans

The LRTP/FP is adopting a performance-based planning approach to plan and implement projects that address Alaska’s infrastructure needs. Performance-based planning is defined by the Federal Highway Administration as “a data driven, strategic approach, providing for public and stakeholder involvement and accountability, in order to make investment and policy decision to attain desired performance outcomes for the multi-modal transportation assessment.” Performance based planning has many benefits, including improved decision-making, improved return on investments, better accountability and transparency, and a better functioning transportation system.

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