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Alaska Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan & Freight Plan

Alaska Moves 2050

Make Your Voice Heard

Input from individuals, communities, and key stakeholders will be a valuable component of the LRTP/FP. Upcoming public meetings and opportunities to participate in this project will be posted to this page.

DOT&PF will conduct a variety of virtual meetings and outreach throughout the life of the project to engage the public and key stakeholders.

Public Involvement Plan

Click on the link below to review the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), which will be used throughout the life of the project to outline the public outreach goals, strategies, milestones, and various stakeholders for the LRTP. The primary purpose of the PIP is to foster meaningful engagement of Alaskans so that DOT&PF can prepare Alaska’s transportation system for future opportunities and challenges.

LRTP Public Involvement Plan

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